NY groups reject US blockade against Cuba

NY groups reject US blockade against Cuba

Washington, Jun 21 (Prensa Latina) Several NY groups in solidarity with Cuba strongly rejected the US blockade against the Caribbean nation and called for the end of a policy that has been only damaging the Cuban people.

Members of the ¨Cuba Yes New York-New Jersey¨ Coalition, Venceremos (We Shall Overcome) Brigade, Pastors for Peace, Casa de las Américas Organization, US activists, Cuban-Americans and Cubans residing in the United States joined Bridges of Love caravan rolled out in New York.

Gail Walker, Executive Director of the Interfaith Foundation for the Community Organization (IFCO) Pastors for Peace, expressed that it´s quite important to continue conducting these and other actions in order to confront the US blockade against Cuba.

I had the pleasure of visiting Cuba just a few weeks ago and I could realize more than ever that the Cuban people are suffering from the cruel and hostile US policies, she said.

During Donald Trump´s administration, more sanctions and coercive measures were issued against Cuba, but unfortunately these one remain unchanged under Joe Biden´s, Gail Walker stressed.

Everyone cannot be wrong, she said, referring to the upcoming vote at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on draft resolution calling for an end to the US blockade.

On June 23, the international community will again say NO to this measure and call for the end of a wrong, unjust and immoral mechanism, said Walker.

Ike Nahem, leader of the Cuba Yes New York-New Jersey Coalition, claimed that Washington is determined to attack Cuba just because of the Caribbean nation´s example for the entire world.

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