Number of private workers Cuban province double in one year

Havana, Cuba, Jan 4.- Close to 10 thousand people became self-employed workers in Ciego de Avila province in 2016, doubling the numbers in that area till 2015.

According to Invasor newspaper, the number of non-state workers in the last count amounts to 16 759, with greater representativeness in the activities of food and drinks processor and seller and the hired workforce.

Alexis Portuondo Brizuela, Provincial Director of Labor and Social Security, told the press that “self-employment has managed to incorporate around 6 571 people with no previous employment relationship and 1 520 housewives.”

Although still lacking in tax discipline, these workers contributed to pass the province´s estimates of net income of the territory in more than nine million Cuban pesos (CUP).

However, violations related to unauthorized practices persist. As a result, 43 licenses were withdrawn in 2016, 43 seizures were carried out and 1 108 people were fined.

Also, during that year that ended up, 14 leased premises were leased to self-employed people in the gastronomy sector, in support of the existing ones.

Self-employment, adopted in Cuba since 2010, is a variant of employment that is part of the process of updating the economic model in the nation. (acn)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, January 4, 2017

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