Norway: ‘Spirit of Cooperation’ at Venezuela Talks in Barbadost

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's First Lady Cilia Flores and Venezuela's Vice President Delcy Rodriguez
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s First Lady Cilia Flores and Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez | Photo: Reuters

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, present at the two-day Barbados discussions advocates for “peace” and “dialogue (and) national sovereignty.”

July 11 (teleSUR) Norway’s foreign minister says that talks between the Venezuelan government and the main opposition continue in an “efficient manner” as the parties wrap up the latest round of dialogues taking place in Barbados. 


Venezuelan Delegation in Barbados for Dialogue With Opposition

Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide said in a Thursday statement: “I reiterate my recognition of the parties’ efforts and their spirit of cooperation.” She added that “representatives of the main political actors in Venezuela are continuing the negotiations that were initiated in Oslo” and that all involved are working “to reach an agreed-upon solution within the framework of the Constitution.”

Delegates from the Nicolas Maduro administration were in Barbados from July 8 until 10 with international mediators to continue Venezuela’s agreement talks that began nearly two months ago in Oslo, Norway.  

Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, who participated in the two-day Barbados discussions, advocated through her Twitter account for “peace” and “dialogue” within the country. The state official said that President Maduro is working “untiringly … for peace and calm in Venezuela to guarantee national sovereignty.” She promoted “democratic and constitutional spaces for a peaceful coexistence vía dialogue, adding this was the only way toward “mutual respect” for all.

Meanwhile, the nation’s defense ministers, Vladimir Padrino, celebrated the closing of this round of negotiations between political parties in Barbados by saying that “dialogue is the way.” 

“Dialogue is the way, it is the way that obliges us into a civilized world, the path of peace,” tweeted the minister.

In a statement Tuesday, Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley said her government was happy and ready to host the Venezuelan dialogue led by Norway. 

“The government of Barbados is happy to be able to facilitate the location for the discussions between the two sides in Venezuela, facilitated by the Government of Norway,” Mottley said in a statement.

The talks come after the self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaido, has attempted several U.S.-backed coups since late January. 

Minister Søreide ended her statement by thanking “the Government of Barbados for their hospitality.”

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