No Agreements at Meeting against Maduro and Venezuela in Lima

Lima, Aug 7 (Prensa Latina) An international conference on Venezuela ended here on Tuesday without either a joint declaration on the total blockade declared by the United States against the Bolivarian nation, or any formal agreements, other than general agreements.

The ‘International Conference for Democracy in Venezuela’, promoted by the so-called Lima Group of governments opposed to the Nicolas Maduro administration, closed with a press conference by Peruvian Foreign Minister Nestor Popolizio.

The Minister presented a summary in which he noted the agreement among participants from nearly 60 countries, including just eight foreign ministers, as well as US Presidential Advisor John Bolton, who pressured for support for the US blockade and even advised threateningly not to break it.

Asked about the ‘total blockade’ announced by Washington, Popolizio simply said that countries took note of the US presentation on the policy and added that supporting it would depend on the conditions and legislations of each country.

He underlined that this kind of measure to pressure Maduro’s ‘illegitimate regime’ in order to force him to step down from office would have a true impact. However, he abstained from confirming leaks about criticisms by participants of President Donald Trump’s decision.

The head of Peruvian diplomacy refused to comment on Mexico’s and Uruguay’s decisions not to participate at the last minute and reports of their rejection of Trump’s announcement.

Nor did he answer a question about the contradiction between the announcement and Peru’s traditional stance on the blockade of Cuba.

The Peruvian government failed in its effort to bring together countries that respect Venezuela’s self-determination and support the Nicolas Maduro administration, like Cuba, Russia, China and Turkey; although Popolizio noted that the absences do not play down the importance of the meeting.


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