Nicolas Maduro: Peace Shall Triumph in Venezuela

The President insists that the electoral dry run will take place peacefully on Sunday.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro says that despite the violent agenda promoted by sections of the opposition, peace will continue to prevail in the country.

“There are people here who want death and war; however, we did not allow before that and we won’t allow that now. Peace will overcome: peace yes, war no, Constituent yes, barricades no,” said Maduro, during a ceremony at the National Pantheon to bury the remains of Argimiro Gabaldon aka Comandante Carache, a guerrilla leader and poet.

Maduro called on Venezuelans to take part in the dry run National Constituent Assembly vote on Sunday “in order to see how the voting machines work, who the candidates are and find better information”.

He added “You are convoked to an electoral party, a party of peace.”

The National Electoral Council, CNE, is overseeing the process in the run up the actual election on July 30.

Maduro also made reference to the unconstitutional plebiscite which the opposition is holding at the same time as Sunday’s dry run for the Constituent Assembly poll.

“The opposition has called an internal consultation of the MUD, has convened an internal consultation of the opposition parties, with their own mechanisms without electoral records, without prior audit, without subsequent audit,” he said.

Maduro then called “on all Venezuelans to participate in the political events that were peacefully convoked, that respect the ideas of others. Peace is what I want and peace is what we will have”.

The CNE regards the plebiscite on his administration as illegitimate and non-binding.

The Venezuelan President also condemned the cyber aggression directed towards Venezuela by the technological multinational Google and said that the CNE’s website does not appear properly in the internet search giant’s results.

A few days earlier, the Communication Minister Ernesto Villegas criticized Twitter’s decision to shut down 180 accounts of public institutions and Bolivarian activists, including the Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada’s, with no justification.


by teleSUR / md-CL

teleSUR, July 15, 2017

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