Nicaraguans Express Solidarity and Support for Cuban Revolution

Managua, Oct 14 (Prensa Latina) Solidarity and trade union groups in Nicaragua ratified their support for the Cuban Revolution, condemned the US blockade, and expressed support for the constitutional reform in the Caribbean island.

After a meeting at which Cuba’s reality was debated and analyzed, among other matters, the Association of Friends of Cuba, the Nicaraguan Association of Friends of Socialism and Peace, the Union of Journalists of Nicaragua and the Love for Cuba Solidarity Group issued a communiqué in that regard.

The document recalled that Washington’s economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba has been in force for nearly 60 years.

Likewise, it noted that the United Nations General Assembly has approved by overwhelming majorities the draft resolutions that Cuba has submitted on the necessity to end that hostile policy.

“We demand that the United States lift that criminal imperialist blockade of Cuba that has been in force for more than half a century. We express our support as Sandinista and socialist activists from Nicaragua to demand, denounce and fight that obsolete and immoral policy,” the communiqué stated.

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