Nicaraguan Lawmaker: We Will Not Be Pressured by Any Nation

Gustavo Porras Cortés, president of the National Assembly of Nicaragua
Gustavo Porras Cortés, president of the National Assembly of Nicaragua | Photo: El 19

Gustavo Porras Cortés, president of the National Assembly of Nicaragua, tells teleSUR that the Nicaraguan people are not willing to be pressured by any foreign nation. “Our struggle against the Yankees has been going on for almost two centuries.”

June 16 (teleSUR) During a dialogue with teleSUR, the President of the National Assembly of Nicaragua added special emphasis on Nicaragua’s independent path and his rejection of foreign intervention. This in light of an unprecedented and relentless attack is unfolding against Nicaragua’s government and people driven by false narratives advanced by right-wing, U.S.-financed media outlets and “opposition” figures.

Porras Cortes explained at length his country’s long history of standing up to foreign intervention, in particular, that of the United States, “It’s a Nicaragua that has been defending itself against U.S. aggression for over a century. This is just another facet of the U.S. government to influence the future of our nation. Nicaraguans will never allow the U.S., Europe, or any other country to dictate our struggle.”

When asked about this intervention, the lawmaker said, “it is evident that the current administration has made it a goal to attack our legitimate government; this has been permanent.”

He further mentioned that a shared link is their allegiance to the government of the United States of America for much of the opposition. They have directly or through their respective NGOs received millions of dollars in U.S. taxpayer money through USAID, NED, IRI, and other agencies, aimed at overthrowing the elected government of President Daniel Ortega Saavedra.

Finally, Porras Cortez said that in the face of economic sanctions, his government is “The Nicaraguan people, and it is the people. It accompanies this construction of the new model, based on sovereignty, and on the economy of the great majorities, the popular economy, the family economy, the economy based on the people’s own forces and traditions. The people have ingrained their anti-imperialist sentiment and pride in being patriots who will not allow foreign interference. It is a myth to think that the rich, that the prominent businessmen, will take our country forward.

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