News Venezuela: Maduro to Present New Evidence Against Conspirators

President Nicolas Maduro at a news conference in Caracas, Venezuela, Sep. 30, 2019.
President Nicolas Maduro at a news conference in Caracas, Venezuela, Sep. 30, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

The Venezuelan President warned that all those citizens involved in organizing violent protests will be brought to justice.

Oct 18 (teleSUR) Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday said that in the coming days he will present new evidence about the destabilization plans that the Venezuelan opposition intends to execute in November and warned that organizers of violent forms of protest (“guarimbas”) will be brought to justice.

“We are going to bring evidence of some guarimba attempts which they intend to execute in November,” Maduro said, adding that “the jail is what awaits the guarimberros, who get into guarimbas again.”

The Venezuelan President also announced that he will take all necessary measures to guarantee peace in Venezuela, a country where the majority of the population does not use violent mechanisms to express their political positions.

“We are focused on working for Venezuela. I always say that when new threats of guarimbas appear, the country’s great vaccine is work and production.”


NOTICIA | Más del 30% de nuestra población estudia en un sistema de educación pública, gratuita y con todo el respaldo que ofrece el Gobierno Bolivariano a través de la dotación de útiles, uniformes, Colección Bicentenaria, Canaimitas

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“More than 30 percent of our population studies in a free public education system with all the support offered by the Bolivarian Government through the provision of tools and uniforms.”

Previously, the Venezuelan head of state also warned that former opposition mayor Carlos Ocariz was preparing new conspiracies.

“You go from one conspiracy to another and then you use a dumb boy’s voice to pretend madness,” Maduro said.

In this South American country, the term “guarimbas” is used by the population to designate violent demonstrations which, as it happened in 2014 and 2017, are encouraged by the United States and the Venezuelan extreme right with the aim of trying to overthrow President Maduro .

In 2017, the guarimbas generated 172 dead, thousands of wounded and millionaires destroyed, especially in the areas controlled by opposition governors and mayors, who allow violent protests by ignoring them.

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