News of Cuban science congress LABIOFAM

Science, health and innovation come together these days in the Cuban capital. El Palacio de las Convenciones hosts from Monday and until Thursday to specialists, academics, members of holders and global organizations of health and Agriculture of various Nations.

LABIOFAM 2014 International Congress allow foreigners involved about 180 and 230 national delegates learn about innovative productions of the scientific institution that for more than two decades has been at the forefront of research and production in the island.

Strengtheners and nutritional – supplements among the Ferrical Vimang, Acitan, Asmacán and Nutrisol-, cosmetic creams from natural origin, drugs and biolarvicides are some of the items that make up the wide and varied range of production of this business group.

One of the areas that attracted the attention of attendees is the Symposium’s products in the therapy against cancer, a disease that each year claims new lives in our countries. The event promotes the exchange of ideas and presentation of new projects and results.

Special opening date was the journey through music and dance through the history of Cuba in charge of the Artestudio El Hombrecito Verde Group and the children’s choir Cascabelito. In an exquisite mixture among children – with a perfect pronunciation in English-, adolescents and consecrated artists, could dance to the rhythm of Benny or sing a song together with Yoyo Ibarra and Patricio Amaro.

During the opening speech, the director of LABIOFAM, Dr. José Antonio Fraga Castro, said that organization chaired by has fundamental premise comply with town and country, collaboration with the friend countries and the development of studies in search of solutions to the difficulties in all areas of health.

Fraga Castro stated that the institution works tirelessly since its inception – in the sixties of the last century – to avoid the presence in the country of animal diseases controlled with vaccines, even those frequently today in the so-called first world.

With the message of the holder of the group enterprise LABIOFAM is drawn the curtains of a contest featuring panel discussions, workshops, lectures, oral presentations and an exhibition of posters.

In this third edition the delegates and guests to LABIOFAM 2014 debated the use of natural products as nutritional supplements, some with proven efficacy and acceptance among national clientele. Such is the case of Acitan, Supplement recommended for gastric disorders; the Ferrical – an effective formulation to raise levels of hemoglobin in blood-, and Asmacán, excellent bronchodilator, expectorant, and influenza.

Also, is expected the topical debate on the biopesticides, bio-fertilizers and biostimulants to agriculture, the current situation of these and its future prospects, as well as about the comprehensive programs for the prevention and control of vector diseases transmitters, this very current in Cuba.

Congress also includes sessions of exchanges on food and bioactive compounds and prophylaxis and Therapeutics in animal health. LABIOFAM business group has with around nine thousand workers and has strong livestock presence in the national and international market, with presence in more than 51 countries.

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