New York to join mega caravan in solidarity with Cuba

New York to join mega caravan in solidarity with Cuba

New York, Apr 23 (Prensa Latina) The solidarity movement with Cuba in New York and New Jersey will join the worldwide mega caravan of the Bridges of Love project for the end of US sanctions against Cuba.

The streets of New York will once again be the scene of this initiative on April 25, as they were on several previous occasions this year.

The information was confirmed by the organizers of the caravan, which will start near the State Office Building in Harlem, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Big Apple.

According to US activist Ike Nahem, leader of the New York-New Jersey Cuba Si Coalition, this movement was one of the first to support the actions of Cuban-American professor Carlos Lazos, main promoter of the Bridges of Love project.

Now those initiatives in solidarity with Cuba have spread all over the world and reach African nations, and also several European ones, such as France and the United Kingdom, he noted.

Nahem pointed out that he does not miss any of the caravans because he feels it is his duty to demand the US government to put an end to all the sanctions, blockades and hostile measures against Cuba.

We are part of an international movement to demand the end of the blockade and the reversal of all measures taken by former US President Donald Trump against Cuba, he explained.

In addition, we demand the end of travel restrictions towards Cuba and the restoration of the family reunification program, suspended by the Republican tycoon since 2017, he added in a video sent to Prensa Latina.


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