New Treatment for Hair Loss in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba

A new treatment for baldness is now available in Sancti Spiritus, central Cuba. The procedure, which is based on the application of platelet rich plasma, has proved effective in patients suffering from non-scarring alopecia.

“We’ve been using this application for about a year now to treat androgenetic alopecia in patients reporting it for less than a decade time, because beyond that period the procedure is not very feasible”, told Escambray Dr. Vladimir Sánchez, the dermatologist who is the lead author of this study. The method has been also applied in cases of alopecia areata, he added.

Every patient is first submitted to medical evaluation which includes clinical, dermatoscopy, and biopsy examinations, as well as complementary tests. The procedure consists in four sessions every 15 days and then three maintenance doses once a month.

Although the hair does not fulfill any vital function in the human being, experts insist in not underestimating the stigma provoked by its loss, given its psychological value as a rank of social and sexual exhibition for humans, as it affects the external image of personal well-being, vitality and youth.

“In Cuba we lack the medications internationally used to treat these two types of alopecia either in men or women, because they are very expensive, and so far none of the therapies has been effective enough. Our proposal is an alternative available to everyone”, concluded Dr. Sánchez.

Mary Luz Borrego, Escambray

February 4, 2017

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