New shipments of solidarity for Cuba are prepared in Belgium

Brussels, Dec 24 (Prensa Latina) The initiative of Cuban women living in Belgium ‘The solidarity suitcase’ is being consolidated with the preparation of new shipments to help the island to face the ongoing difficulties,said the coordinator of the project, Lissett Herrera.

In total, in the second half of the year we sent six suitcases of 25 kilograms each with medicines, toys and basic necessities to hospitals in Havana, Pinar del Río and Matanzas, she said in a conversation with Prensa Latina.

According to Herrera, although it is a modest support to the people in Cuba in a very difficult year, the initiative represents a lot of love and commitment to the homeland where they were born.

Within the pain we feel, we can say that we are satisfied with the results of ‘The solidarity suitcase’, and we are already working on a seventh suitcase package by air, the first in 2023, with school supplies and whose departure is planned for January, she explained.

The solidarity suitcase campaign was born in a conversation among friends, an idea materialized in August as a result of the serious fire accident at the Supertanker Base in Matanzas, under a simple principle, that of taking advantage of any person who travels to Cuba willing to carry a modest load in kilograms, but with tons of love.

Herrera also pointed out that they are working on the organization of a meeting of Cuban women in Belgium, with topics on the agenda ranging from solidarity with Cuba and its people to sharing personal life experiences abroad.

Our goal is to develop it in March, in the context of International Women’s Day (March 8), to address stories of personal overcoming, to influence our children to preserve the Cuban identity and of course, to promote this solidarity, because we are a group of women with a lot of energy and willingness to do things for Cuba, she stressed.


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