New legislation introduced to ease restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba


Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN)

The introduction of new legislation to ease U.S. restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba is one of the many positive developments since the December 17, 2014 announcement of policy changes by both countries.  Companion bills in the House (HR 664) and Senate (S 299) will finally end the travel ban.  This legislation is important because the recently enacted changes in the travel regulations have been made by executive order and are subject to change with a new president. The Senate bill (S 491) will remove some of the many restrictions that make up the trade embargo, a U.S. policy that continues to cause suffering in Cuba.

CRLN is proud to have advocated since 1996 with members, friends and partners for a humane U.S. policy toward Cuba. In the photo on the right members of a 1999 CRLN delegation to Cuba sort donated medicines they brought to Cuba.  Today many of these medicines are still difficult or impossible to obtain in Cuba due to the restrictions of the U.S. embargo. Working together in this new era we can finally end the travel ban and the U.S. embargo of Cuba. Watch your inboxes for action alerts on this new legislation!

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