New Laws in Cuba Strengthen Constitution, Expert Notes

Havana, Aug 13 (Prensa Latina) The laws approved in July by the National Assembly of People’s Power strengthen the new Cuban Constitution, MSc in Natural and Traditional Medicine Maria Estrella Marin said in Havana on Tuesday.

Marin told Prensa Latina that the Electoral Law, the Fisheries Law and the National Symbols Law have a wide scope for the whole country due to their direct impact on society.

She praised the debates prior to the approval of the regulations, not only those carried out among the Cuban people, but also by legislators.

These exchanges of views enriched the content of the laws and once again allowed the people to make recommendations or suggestions for changes, the specialist explained.

The Electoral Law keeps the people in charge of electing their representatives and includes changes in the number of members of the State Council and the establishment of the National Electoral Council.

The Fisheries Law will boost economic development in Cuba and better organize fishery resources in Cuba in response to the need to protect, conserve and manage them properly.

Meanwhile, the National Symbols Law makes the previous legislation more flexible, although it maintains the respect and veneration of these attributes.


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