New group presses Obama for more ties with Cuba



MIAMI (AP) — A new Cuban-American advocacy group is calling on President Barack Obama to make it easier for Americans to support the communist island’s nascent business community.

People in the US want more ties with Cuba

The U.S. embargo of Cuba requires congressional action to overturn, which is unlikely to happen soon. But the Miami and DC-based (hash)CubaNow says Obama can take significant steps on his own. The group launched a series of Washington metro ads this week to urge Obama to expand travel licenses to Cuba for all Americans and allow non-relatives to send unlimited remittances to Cuban entrepreneurs.

Director Ric Herrero says (hash)CubaNow differs from the growing number of nonprofits advocating similar measures because some of its members grew up on the island and because the group is dedicated to influencing U.S. policy — not working in Cuba.

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