New caravan against the blockade in Miami

Washington, May 29 (Prensa Latina) Cubans and US citizens organized a new caravan that, as every month, demanded that Joe Biden’s administration lift the economic blockade that Washington insists on maintaining against Cuba.

On May 16, the White House announced a group of limited measures that would relax some of the restrictions imposed during the Donald Trump era (2017-2021).

Among the measures the resumption of the family reunification program stands out, as well as the lifting of limits on remittances, the reestablishment of flights from the US to provincial capitals and the facilitation of travel for Americans.

“The Miami Caravan Against the Blockade welcomes these changes that we have been demanding for two years, but they are not enough to meet the needs of the Cuban family,” the organizers stressed.

“Puentes de Amor” (Bridges of Love) and other solidarity groups, such as the Antonio Maceo Brigade, demand that the United States remove Cuba from the list of terrorist nations, “a slanderous accusation that undermines the island’s ability to access the international banking system,” they underlined in a statement.

They also demand to eliminate the 243 punitive measures imposed by the Trump administratioin to tighten the blockade when, in times of international pandemic, there should be a higher level of scientific and cultural cooperation, they stressed.


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