New amphibian of 14 mm long is discovered in Eastern Cuba

8295-ranita-cuba[1]Cuban scientists announced the discovery of a new species of small amphibian called Eleutherodactylus beguei.

The sighting of the little frog took place in Guantanamo. The animal is about 14 mm long, and it was first seen in 2014.

After registration in the scientific records, scientists proceeded to the official announcement of the discovery, according to researcher Gerardo Begue-Quiala, from whom the frog gets its name. Also the scientist Luis Diaz Beltran, from the National Museum of History of Cuba, participated in the discovery.

This vertebrate has close to brown coloration. Its natural habitat is the soil moist, hence its survival in this area of eastern Cuba where rainfall is abundant throughout the year, explained Begué-Quiala.


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