NEMO reiterates support for Cuba

Washington, Jul 1 (Prensa Latina) The Global Anti-Blockade of Cuba Movement (NEMO) on Friday reaffirmed its support for Cuba after continuing US hostility.

NEMO strongly rejects all slanders and aggressions against Cuba, and urges all those who fight the unilateral US blockade to halt all these aggressions, said José Oro, NEMO Vice President, in a statement to Prensa Latina.

The statement considered recent statements by Ned Price, spokesman for the State Department, on the legal process for the July 11 rioters as an interference in Cuba´s internal affairs.

Fighting misinformation and manipulations in this regard, NEMO claimed the judicial process against the July 11 rioters “has been exemplary.”

“We strongly support the Cuban government and people, as well as their right to defend themselves against threats and aggressions and also to maintain public order in our nation.”

NEMO once again urged the Joe Biden administration to lift the economic, commercial and financial blockade that has tried to stifle Cuba´s economy for over 60 years. Cuba´s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez condemned at the time that the US government makes use of considerable resources, social labs and high-tech tools in a rampant campaign aimed at discrediting Cuba by using lies and misinformation.


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