NCCU Student Presents Research in Santiago de Cuba

NCCU political science and history student Ajamu Dillahunt flew to Cuba to present his research on historic revolutionary movements at the XVI International Conference of African and Afro-American Culture.

Dillahunt’s paper explored Cuba’s role in liberation movements involving African states, particularly in the Congo, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa. He presented his work, titled “Exploring Fidel Castro’s Contributions to African Liberation and Pan-Africanist Thinking,” at the Fernando Ortiz Center for African Culture in Santiago.

“Cuba is a beautiful place; I was able to see the mountains in Santiago that Fidel hid in during the revolution,” said Dillahunt. “It was also refreshing to experience the frequent use of ‘socialism’ and ‘revolution’ in conversation.”

To make the trip, the rising junior relied on help from his family, as well as other supporters, including the Aspiring Eagles Academy, the NCCU History and Political Science departments.
In 2016, Dillahunt visited South Africa with the NCCU School of Law where he studied the anti-apartheid movement and the ongoing struggle for economic justice.

“In order to understand revolutionary movements or engage in social-movement research, one must have a clear understanding of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, as well as the Cuban Revolution,” Dillahunt said.

He hopes to return to Cuba to further his research on the importance of the Cuban revolution.

North Carolina Central University, May 23, 2017

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