Nature Tourism Has Strong Roots in Eastern Cuba

Baracoa, Cuba, Oct 16 (Prensa Latina) The director of the Flora and Fauna Company in the eastern territory of Baracoa, Mauro Cala, said today that nature tourism here has strong roots today.

He pointed out that this company serves two protected areas that are very attractive as is the case of the Anvil of Baracoa, a national symbol, with a height of 575 meters above sea level.

Another of the places mentioned by the manager is the Yumurí River Canyon, between two mountains, with 911 hectares and where you can take a ride in boats and make different excursions.

These trails of nature allow putting the travelers in contact with the beauty of the place and the environment, very well preserved.

In addition, Flora and Fauna company in this scenario has the Finca La Esperanza attractive agroecological accommodation with the surroundings of the river Duaba that customers appreciate.

Cala insisted that the company has the challenge of promoting the goodness of the region, whose center is the town of Baracoa founded in 1511 by the Spanish explorers, becoming the first city in Cuba.

Nature and adventure tourism and rural areas are centers for travel to the eastern part of the country, with numerous programs of this type.

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