Natural Medicine to Treat Diabetes in Santiago de Cuba

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, Aug 28.- Treatment with natural medicines is an alternative in diabetic patients in the province of Santiago de Cuba, mainly in those with chronic complications such as polyneuropathy.

Dania Cardona, head of the Endocrinology group in the territory, reported that an important percent of Santiago population suffers from Diabetes Mellitus and the range of increasing remains, due to poor eating habits, stress and a sedentary lifestyle.

Roberto Nicot, Chief of Medicines Department in the province, mentioned among the techniques the use of acupuncture, ozone therapy and pharmacopuncture.

The podiatric disorders are treated with aloe and chamomile ointment; tincture of orange to lower cholesterol and triglycerides; Vimang is used as antioxidant, and they also use ¨anamú¨ which is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Others with good results are the purple basil that helps decreasing glycemia, and plants that allow consuming some sweet foods without destabilizing blood sugar levels.

Nicot noted that these drugs relieve and have more advantages because are natural and improve the patients´ life quality.

Nieves Brito, director of the Center for Diabetic Patient in this city, included among the benefits the training on the qualities of herbs, their preparation and use in conditions caused by the disease.

Natural medicine continues to gain supporters in Santiago de Cuba by tradition, the relief of various diseases, its processing is less costly, it is closer to families and their use can replace the lack of medicine, in any occasion. (acn)

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