Nat’l Employment Committee convenes more mobilizations in Colombia

Nat'l Employment Committee convenes more mobilizations in Colombia

Bogota, May 26 (Prensa Latina) The National Unemployment Committee called on Wednesday to hold ‘the largest mobilizations in Colombia from the municipalities to the capitals of every department’ to promote negotiations with the Government.

Francisco Maltes Tello, president of Colombia’s Central Union of Workers (CUT, in Spanish), called to strengthen the protests in the country on Wednesday and Friday, one month after the rallies began.

Tello proposed holding cultural and recreational events, pot-banging protests in the evening and other peaceful initiatives in the context of the strike.

Popular protests against a harmful tax reform that would increase the value-added tax on goods and services started on April 28.

Although the bill was withdrawn by the Government due to popular pressure, social protests continue against President Ivan Duque’s policies with an increasingly growing list of demands.


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