National Workshop begins today Computerization and Cyber security

Democratic, inclusive and comprehensive national forum to be held in Havana from today until Friday looms. Part of the huge country’s efforts to increase the level of computerization, described wisely as essential and urgent.

The first National Workshop on Computerization and Cyber security, starting this Wednesday, responds to a careful and lengthy preparatory process of the Ministry of Communications and other government and social institutions.

The purpose of the meeting is to develop tools that ensure access to knowledge, efficiency and productivity of all branches of the economy, services, science and education.

The workshop aims to outline basic reference elements to bring new technologies to the population and not to an elite, hence they are called up to 11,000 Cubans computer, many of them through a videoconference.
We talked for almost half of national experts related to new technologies, including representatives from private employers or on their own, as they are commonly known.

All attending the videoconference in the country and gathered in Havana will be free to inquire, comment and suggest on issues of interest and, mostly, on the basis of the policy of computerization studying the government.
Praiseworthy is the initiative to unite the scattered computing for fluid brainstorming Cuba aimed at developing and facilitating training and debate, even with an organization.

The first National Workshop on Computerization and Cyber security based in Havana complements national work towards advancing connectivity in Cuba.
This policy prioritizes enhance social connectivity, including opening more than one hundred and fifty rooms navigation, and development of the automated management of strategic branches.

Despite the malicious campaign of media power in the West that tries to place Cuba as adverse progress of computer technology, the fact is that the country is determined to connect with the world.

The US economic blockade hampered the crucial purpose. Now, when the two countries talk to restore relations, Havana has expressed readiness to receive northern companies to explore business opportunities beneficial to both parties, with respect for sovereignty.

Cuba facilitate the extent of their economic possibilities restricted access of citizens to call Wide Web and other sources of knowledge and also will seek to place in them the best of Aboriginal culture and humanism.

Written by Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Cubana

February 18, 2015

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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