National Meeting of Venezuela-Cuba Solidarity Rejects Blockade

Caracas, Aug 23 (Prensa Latina) The rejection of US coercive measures against Venezuela and Cuba will be the focus of the agenda of the 10th National Meeting of the Movement of Mutual Friendship and Solidarity between the two Latin American nations.

Scheduled from September 20 to 21 in the Venezuelan city of Cumana, the event will gather over 150 delegates from 22 Venezuelan states, under the motto, ‘Unity, Consciousness and Resistance,’ reported the General Coordinator of the organization, Yhonny Garcia Calles.

The movement will reaffirm its ‘steady will to boost the exercise of solidary cooperation (…) faced with the immeasurable challenges posed by the US illegal coercive measures imposed on Venezuela and Cuba,’ the activist underscored.

He added that the national meeting will set the stage to denounce the imperialist strategy of causing the maximum deterioration of economic, social and political conditions in the lives of the Venezuelan and Cuban peoples, with the purpose of generating chaos and social discontent, in order to induce destabilization.

He also indicated that the resurgence of economic aggressions pursues the deterioration of living conditions in the countries subject to this hostile policy with the purpose of creating a scenario that justifies a military intervention under humanitarian pretexts.

In response to these multifaceted attacks, delegates of the event will discuss the importance of solidarity as a basis for cooperation and complementarity between the peoples, self-determination, sovereignty and integration for the consolidation of Latin American and Caribbean unity, set out Garcia Calles.

As part of the event preparations, the Eastern regional meeting of the Venezuela-Cuba Mutual Friendship and Solidarity Movement took place last weekend in Cumana, during which the attendees ratified the support for the authorities of both countries and demanded the cessation of economic sanctions.


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