My daughters have grown while visiting their dad in prison, says wife of Cuban anti-terrorist

ramon-y-family-cuban-five[1]HAVANA, Cuba. Oct 13 (acn) Elizabeth Palmeiro, wife of Ramon Labanino, who is one of the Cuban anti-terrorists held in US prisons, said in Viena that solidarity is crucial to achieve the release of the three Cubans still serving unfair sentences.”

My daughters have grown while visiting their dad in prison; these have been very sad visits in those high security prisons, surrounded by electrified barbed wire,” said Palmeiro as she addressed participants at the 9th Encounter of Cubans Residents in Europe, held in Viena.

Palmeiro is scheduled to meet with parliamentarians, unionists and other personalities as well as with friends of the Cuban Revolution in Austria.

She recalled that the five Cuban anti-terrorists left many of their personal dreams behind for their love for their Cuban homeland in the face of the need to defend their people from terrorists.

Theirs is a political case and history has proven that with the pressure of public opinion we can achieve changes in unfair processes like this one, said Palmeiro as she cited the solidarity actions for the freedom of Nelson Mandela and with the Puerto Ricans imprisoned in the United States.

Since its victory in 1959, the Cuban Revolution has been the target of aggressions and terrorist actions financed by Washington, which have claimed nearly 3 thousand lives, including over one hundred children.

Palmeiro’s husband, Ramon Labanino, along with Gerardo Hernandez and Antonio Guerrero are serving unfair and extremely long prison sentences in US jails. They are three of the five Cubans who were imprisoned in 1998 and later given their unfair sentences for having monitored Miami-based terrorist organizations. Out of the Five, Rene and Fernando Gonzalez returned to Cuba after they fully served their prison sentences and joined the international campaign for the release of their brothers.

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