Musical tribute to the Five Wins Cubadisco 2014 Special Award

HAVANA, Cuba, May 19 (acn) ¨Me dicen Cuba¨(They call me Cuba), a musical tribute to the Cuban Five, winner of the Cubadisco 2014 Special Award, was presented to the press as part of the program of this event, which runs until May 25 and will bring to this city the best of Cuban and foreign music industry.

Emilio Vega, producer of the material, said the original idea was of Sergio Vitier, who launched the call to make music for the antiterrorism fighters, and was supported by over 70 Cuban leading artists.

Vitier himself, Digna Guerra and Entrevoces, Yoruba Andabo, Buena Fe duo, Silvio Rodríguez, Alexander Abreu and Havana D’Primera, Frank Fernández, Los Van Van with the recently deceased Juan Formell, among others came to sing to René González, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González.

There are 18 tracks, four of them are poems that have been set on music that Tony Guerrero wrote in prison, covering a broad spectrum of rhythms, including guaguancó, Punto Guajiro, son, bolero, trova, salsa, ballads, swing and tango, Vega said.

¨Me dicen Cuba¨, produced by the Musical Editions and Recordings Company (EGREM by its Spanish acronym), is part of a project that also includes a DVD with the eponymous documentary by Paul Massip, where those involved share their visions on the homeland and family.

A book titled ¨Retrato de una ausencia¨, belonging to Captain San Luis publishing house, will also soon be on sale and some video clips of the tracks included in the volumes are in their making process.

A concert was announced for May 22 at Karl Marx Theater that will be a small sample of the hits included in the CD, Julio Pulido, artistic director of the show, which will feature Los Van Van and Havana D’Primera bands, noted.

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