MUSIC VIDEOS: Clásicos A Lo Cubano “Habanera en la Habana” & “Pequeño Vacilón”

The first of the melodies of this video is HABANERA IN HAVANA, name given to the arrangement and adaptation to the sauce of the fragment of the Opera Carmen in G. Bizet. An indescribable sensation in the Auditorium, causes it the second melody of this video called a SMALL VACILÓN, where S.I. Joner makes arrangements to the rhythm of salsa on the fragment of small tune night of the Serenade No.. 13 of Mozart.

Here the Group Hovedoen Social Club and the Orchestra of the Radio and TV Norway (KORK) concert CLASSICS A LA Cubana, in studies of NRK in Oslo, Norway. Sverre Indris Joner – piano and arrangements. Carlos de el Puerto – bass, Eduardo Cedeño – congas, Tony Moreaux Charon – drums/timbales, José Alberto Varona – trumpet, Sergio González – guiro (guacharaca). Director: Lars Erik Winnova, Concertino / first violin-Frode Larsen

See video

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