Music to enjoy and dance on the last days of 2014

With great dances and concerts in major theaters and plazas of Havana and the rest of the country, the Cuban people will see the year 2014 and receive incoming 2015.

Starting on the 25th and into the early days of January, the capital city will host activities of all forms of art, with a strong weight in musical presentations that will feature relevant artists.

This Thursday is already on the schedule the recital of young troubadour Adrian Berazaín, who will occupy the scene of the Mella Theater to release his second album If I make song, produced by Bis Music.

Only invite those who worked with me will be a full night of Adrian and the idea is that people can take home the poster and the disc that day, said the young performer.

Moreover, on December 27th in the Plaza of Cathedral in Old Havana, will be a Popularly Symphonic concert, an unusual mix of the Cuban Symphony Orchestra and La Aragón, famous charanga of popular dance music, as programming Ministry of Culture.

Pablo Milanes also lay off the year with its audience, at Havana’s Karl Marx coliseum just this very day, which undoubtedly will make a tour of greatest hits from his repertoire and give away songs from their latest CD Renacimiento.

In other locations such as Red Square, the Latin American Stadium and the Liceo de Regla groups such as Charanga Habanera, Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor, Chispa y los Complices and Pupy y los que Son son to put an end to a full year musical events in Cuba.

Written by Lourdes Elena García Bereau / ACN, Radio Cubana

December 25, 2014

Translated by Daysi Olano Fernandez

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