Mujica describes the blockade against Cuba as immoral and savage

Montevideo, Jun 17 (Prensa Latina) Uruguay’s former president, Jose Mujica, on Thursday described the US economic and financial blockade against Cuba as a tremendous immorality and repudiating savagery.

Mujica criticized every blockade throughout history that has always been characterized by ‘making the humblest peoples go through bitterness and difficulties’ when commenting on the application of such a measure for decades against Cuba.

The leader maintained that ‘the blockade punishes the weak and in any case they fanaticize the ways to find political answers that give way to the construction of a time of hope.’

‘Cuba suffers many difficulties, lack of syringes to administer vaccines that they built with so many efforts,’ he pointed out to ask if ‘such savagery can have political justification.’

The veteran fighter urged everyone to answer him, in a video message, shared with Senator Lucia Topolansky, and disseminated by the Mate Amargo Portal.

Mujica’s companion ratified that as ‘every year we will ask that this blockade be lifted,’ on the vote next week of a draft resolution on the issue in the United Nations General Assembly.

Uruguayans will join the world caravan on Sunday in support of this cause, as Mate Amargo informed with an invitation to participate.


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