Morena party praises what Cuba means for the whole world

Mexico City, Dec 23 (Prensa Latina) The Mexican official from Tepic, Andrea Cibrián disclosed a letter to public opinion praising what Cuba means for the entire world for its internationalism and science.

Cibrián, member of Morena Party, talked about historical feat in which the brotherly Cuban people, despite the criminal and unjust conditions they live in, attacked by the economic and media war imposed by the U.S. government with its dehumanizing blockade, continues to contribute to its immortal and heroic example, in order to preserve and improve conditions of human health, respecting life and nature.

This is a list some examples:

– Carlos J. Finlay discovered and dedicated his life to finding a solution to yellow fever in the 19th century.

– Cuba is the first country in the world to eradicate mother-to-child HIV/AIDS transmission.

– Cuba developed lung cancer vaccine; and ‘Cimavax’, a preventive and therapeutic drug against lung cancer.

– Since 2006, Cuba has been providing diabetic foot ulcer treatments and amputations by using Heberprot-P.

– Since 1962, Cuba has eliminated poliomyelitis; diphtheria in 1979; measles, rubella and pertussis in 1993.

– Cuba has eliminated neonatal tetanus and tuberculous meningitis in children aged under one year since 1972.

– Cuba developed the ‘CIGB’ Heberton to treat ‘basal cell’ skin cancer in malignant tumors.

– Cuba produces Heberpenta vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and hepatitis ‘B’.

– Cuba develops Melagenin and a treatment model against vitiligo.

– Since 2017, at the NeuroCuba International Congress, Cuba presented the successes of the multidisciplinary Epilepsy Surgery Program.

– Cuba has graduated thousands of physicians from around the world including the United States, Africa, Asia and Europe, while providing medical services in more than 160 countries.

– Cuba is the only country that developed five homegrown vaccine candidate amid the hostile U.S. blockade and the Covid pandemic situation, and also managed to immunize its entire population with three of them: Soberana I, Soberana Plus and Abdala. In addition, it benefits other countries, including Mexico.

– We must add the new cultural vision in so many ‘First World’ countries with the ‘Yo, sí puedo’ (Yes, I Can) literacy method, by which Nayarit could count on national leaders of the Union of Education and Culture of Cuba and ratified by the union intervention of the federal teachers, with which thousands of Nayarit people learned to read and write.


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