More prominent figures join support for Buena Fe worldwide

Madrid, May 19 (Prensa Latina) Brazilian theologian Frei Betto and Spanish MEP Manu Pineda have joined the manifesto to support the Cuban musical band Buena Fe, which has received more than 700 signatures of solidarity.

Buena Fe had to cancel concerts in Spain due to the acts of harassment, violence, and censorship by the enemies of the Cuban Revolution, Cubainformacion Coordinator Jose Manzaneda said.

The source recalled on Friday that renowned Spanish singer Rozalen, who recently performed in Cuba, was the target of harassment and derogatory criticism for her words of praise and recognition of Cuban culture.

Cubainformación called on several prominent figures in Spain and Europe to join a campaign to collect signatures to support the band, led by Israel Rojas and Yoel Martinez, in a manifesto.

The document, to which Prensa Latina had access, describes the events surrounding Buena Fe, when during a day of solidarity with Cuba in Bilbao on May 13, Rojas talked about the situation in Cuba, the blockade imposed by the United States, and the cultural war against the country.

It was the prelude to a European tour of the band at the Bilbao event.

“But it seems that it is not allowed if those artists defend the sovereignty and the revolution of their country,” the text states, highlighting that Rojas and Martinez reported on social media the cancellation of two of their scheduled concerts in Salamanca and Zamora due to fascist harassment and threats against the premises where they were to sing.

“Under the pretext of democracy, we are witnessing the censorship and persecution of artists in the Spanish state simply for coming from Cuba and defending Cuba,” the document stated.

It also mentioned that during the concert in Madrid on Friday, May 12, Cuban exiles who are currently linked to ultra-right organizations such as Vox attempted to attack and boycott Buena Fe.

Spanish-French intellectual Ignacio Ramonet, president of the Board of Directors of Le Monde Diplomatique; Enrique Santiago, secretary general of the Communist Party of Spain; Unidas Podemos lawmaker Roser Maestro; and Manzaneda himself are among those who have signed the document so far.


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