Mobilizations in Colombia still ongoing with no solution in sight

Bogotá, May 21 (Prensa Latina) The massive protests in Colombia against the government of Ivan Duque continue without any possible agreements for a way out of the crisis in sight.

Mass protests are taking place every day in the country since April 28, with a wide range of demands born from the most diverse mobilized sectors.

The protesters demand the implementation of the Peace Agreement, the withdrawal of neoliberal regulations, the cessation of police violence, the dismantling of the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad, zero tuition for university students, among others.

So far, Colombians have managed to achieve the withdrawal of a controversial tax reform that gave rise to the strike, that Congress shelve the health reform, the resignation of two ministers, and the announcement of a youth employment program.

Another triumph attributed to the mobilized people is the decision by the South American Football Confederation to withdraw the 2021 Copa América scheduled in Colombia, which would co-host it with Argentina.

There is also the debate on the motion of censure against Defense Minister Diego Molano, scheduled for next week.

At least forty people have died since the start of the national strike, most of them young, as a result of police repression. Many of these crimes are attributed by the public to the Anti-Riot Squad, which attacks peaceful protesters every day.


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