Since current Cuban President Raúl Castro took office on February 24, 2008, Cuba has initiated countless messages and gestures in order to establish normal relations with its closest neighbor, the United States, as befits two civilized peoples.

Respect and full sovereignty were the only conditions established by the Cuban President, who expressed willingness to deal with any subject to solve the old dispute between our two countries.

The U.S. policy of unilateral trade embargo, sustained for more than 50 years against the island, was rejected in 2013, for the twenty-second consecutive time, by 188 member states of the United Nations.

Cuba, the only tourist destination that is forbidden to U.S. travelers, receives close to 3 million visitors from other countries annually, including more than a million Canadians.

The people of the United States are denied numerous achievements of Cuban medical and biotechnological science by the rigid rules that support the embargo.

Ending the embargo, ending the travel ban to Cuba and encouraging our two countries to begin the process of resolving their differences are the focus of this blog. Its pages will promote understanding rather than confrontation; they will worship friendship and not war.

The Cuban Handshake Editorial Board