Mills and banking: also actors in the recovery of the Camagüey

This 13 October celebrate their day workers in two important sectors: banking and mills, but will do so with a peculiarity, immersed in the work of recovery after the passage of hurricane Irma to revitalize its facilities and also working on other tasks.

Planting, repairs and construction

In the central Camagüey´s citizens will rush repairs for the coming harvest and appreciated the progress made in the units most affected by the meteorological phenomenon, as explained Marilin Peace Borges, director of human capital of the Sugar Company in the province.

The biggest losses occurred in the various units, and has already received more than one thousand 800 tiles that are allocated on a priority basis to the power plant of central Brazil, the workshop of agricultural mechanization of the own Esmeralda´s town, the store of raw sugar of the Ignacio Agramonte and the plant of sorbitol.

The 18% of the plantations were damaged, especially those belonging to Brazil and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, and work on the replanting.

In the mills work brigades in the repair with a view to the sugar harvest, with the support of the Industrial Technical Services Company (ZETI) in more complex investments.

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