Millions of Americans support the

Washington, Feb 3 (Prensa Latina) Peruvian researcher, political scientist and sociologist Francesca Emanuele, who resides in the United States, assured Prensa Latina today that millions of Americans support the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba over 60 years ago.

The journalist and social activist also estimated that some 150 million citizens of this country support the lifting of this unilateral hostile policy, condemned by the majority of the international community.

The figure represents more than double the number of poor people who voted for current President Joseph Biden, many of them unaware of the brutal consequences of these punitive, coercive measures on the island’s development, whose economic losses exceed 143 billion dollars, added Emanuele, who works for the American University.

She pointed out the hurdles Cuba faced to acquire supplies for the fight against Covid-19, a disease that Cubans overcome with vaccines developed domestically.

What kind of monster does that in the midst of a global pandemic,” questioned the former correspondent of the multinational TV news channel Telesur.

Emanuele also pointed out that within the US Congress itself, a significant number of legislators disagree with Washington’s policy towards Havana, and gave as an example the letter on the subject sent to President Biden, signed by 140 of them.

The political scientist and sociologist also pointed out that at the international level the United States is practically alone in this crusade to strangle the Cuban Revolution, in spite of its “futile” efforts to bring the rest of the countries on board.

For 29 years, she recalled, the international community has requested at the United Nations the immediate end of the blockade against Cuba.


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