Military, Civic Parade in Cuba, Moments of History and Continuity

Havana, Jan 2 (Prensa Latina) As if sailing in a sea of children who waved their blue handkerchiefs, the Granma yacht, symbol of the beginning of the last stage of the liberating struggles of Cuba, visited today the Plaza de la Revolución.

Imposing for the historical content that accompanies it, this replica of the yacht, in which reached the coast of the island Fidel Castro leading a group of 82 expeditionaries, paraded surrounded by a representation of the youngest generations of Cubans.

While the nearly three thousand pioneers cheered the slogan of ‘I am Fidel! Echoed the lyrics of the song La Lupe, composed by the Commander of the Revolution Juan Almeida Bosque, on the occasion of the farewell from Tuxpan, Mexico.

The first moments of the parade were remembrances of significant passages of the Cuban history: the Mambisa cavalry, in remembrance of the insurrectionary struggles against Spanish colonialism; Four columns, representative of those that formed the Rebel Army that fought against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista (1952-1959).

Another moment of remembrance was for the Literacy Campaign, which recently arrived 40 years after having fulfilled the declaration of Cuba as the First Free Territory of Illiteracy in Latin America.

About 90 students from the University of Pedagogical Sciences Enrique Jose Varona paraded wearing the same uniform and carried the lanterns that illuminated the island that time.

The participation of the island in the independence struggles of several peoples of Africa in the last century was present in the representation of young Cubans and internationalist fighters.

This part of the parade closed with the joy of the Children’s Theater Company La Colmenita, that make laughing all the people present in this act.

Military marches and hymns, voices of command of infantry accompanied the lucid parade of officers and soldiers of the different forces that together with the people constitute the defense of the country.

The people, in a tight march, filled the Plaza de la Revolución and once again it was a moment of reassertion and support for the project of the Revolution.

The united block of Cubans who hoisted thousands of national flags was the culmination of this day of history and continuity.


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