Miami-Dade Commission debates Odebrecht USA contract on Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport

Another attempt to delay the Airport City development project, planned to encompass Miami International Airport, was stopped by a tied vote by Miami-Dade’s County Commission this week, reports the Miami Herald.

The project has been long delayed by pro-embargo critics because Odebrecht USA, the contractor company selected build Airport City, is tied to Cuba indirectly through its Brazilian parent company, which also has a subsidiary in Cuba.

Although Odebrecht USA was selected for the project and a contract – though not yet signed – had already been negotiated, Commissioner Esteban Bovo proposed that the county consider alternative proposals, reports the Miami Herald. After the tense 6-6 vote, negotiations will be able to continue.

Previous efforts at halting Odebrecht USA’s activities in Florida have included the passage of a law, later declared unconstitutional, banning state government contracts with companies that have any financial ties to Cuba.

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