Mexico’s Congress Condemns US Blockade Against Cuba

Mexico’s Congress | Photo: Prensa Latina

Mexico´s Congress on Thursday condemned the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba and described it as inhumane.

Oct 27 (teleSUR) A resolution approved in plenary condemned the hostile blockade is unsustainable for several pivotal reasons, so it is called for being lifted.

Deputy Santiago Creel Miranda pointed out this statement has been passed by the Political Coordination Board and promoted by the President of the Mexico-Cuba Friendship Group Deputy Rubén Ignacio Moreira Valdez.

The text indicated the deputies stated that, among other reasons for condemning these measures against Cuba are that it is a universal truth that all nations, both nationally and internationally, must put people at the center of their own decisions.

He added that States have general duties to respect, prevent, protect and guarantee essential rights, and nations have special duties to repair and not repeat human rights violations, especially those related to health, work and human development.

Cuban ambassador to Mexico Marcos Rodríguez thanked Mexican deputies for their support against the US blockade only a few days to be debated at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) coming week.

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