Mexico will continue hiring Cuban doctors

Mexico City, Sep 9 (Prensa Latina) Mexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced today that his government will continue to hire specialist doctors from Cuba and thanked the island’s authorities for helping Mexico’s health efforts.

In his morning press conference from the state of Zacatecas, Lopez Obrador explained his decision regarding Cuban physicians arises from the fact his government is committed to fill up the gap of lack of doctors and medicines in the country, and “even if the opposition does not like it, we will do it anyway,” he stressed.

He repeated that this lack of health professionals is the legacy left to the country by neoliberal administrations, it is the rotten fruits of a nefarious system, that’s why we do not have enough specialists to guarantee public medical care, and let it be heard that it is the fault of the privatizing policy they applied, Lopez Obrador upheld.

These are legacies, apart from many other disgraces left by the neoliberal model, which still affect us, he further said.

“It is understandable, even if we do not agree, that those who profited from the neoliberal corruption regime defend it, but although it may seem strange, there are those who were harmed by it and, nevertheless, continue to support the corrupt in a kind of masochism,” he added.

“Fortunately it is a minority because the majority has already awakened, there is conscience in the people and people do not allow themselves to be manipulated by the conventional media,” he said in reference to the campaign against the hiring of foreign specialists.

“But the country is changing, we are transforming it in spite of the pandemic, the economic crisis, inflation, all external factors that are not generated in Mexico as before with former presidents Carlos Salinas and Ernesto Zedillo, when the national economy collapsed, the peso was devaluated, inflation increased and the country and the people were indebted,” he recalled.

Now there is a good internal policy and the people are fraternal and supportive, demonstrating their vocation for work and love for others, he said.


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