Mexico Slams US Decision to Apply Helms-Burton Law to Cuba

Mexico, Apr 18 (Prensa Latina) Mexico’s government in an official statement released Thursday by almost all the national media, rejected the decision of Donald Trump”s administration to fully apply the Helms-Burton Act to Cuba.

The statement from the Foreign Ministry states that ‘the Government of Mexico regrets the US decision to apply for the first time in history Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, allowing US citizens to file lawsuits, starting May 2, against companies that use properties confiscated after the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

The measure could affect foreign companies doing business in and with Cuba, it adds, so the Mexican government will protect Mexican companies which do or have an interest in doing business with Cuba and which could be affected.

As it has historically done, Mexico rejects the application of unilateral trade laws with an extraterritorial character, which violate the norms of international law. In this regard, Mexico endorses its support for the end of the economic and commercial blockade imposed against Cuba. For its part, Mexico’s solidarity movement with Cuba also issued a condemnation on behalf of its affiliates in the 32 states of the nation condemning and rejecting the measures announced by the U.S. government to reactivate Titles III and IV of the Helms-Burton Act.

With it, the statement adds, the United States intends to ban trips to Cuba by US citizens, including those of Cuban origin, and to limit to a minimum remittances sent by these latter to their relatives in Cuba.

This is an illegal extraterritorial measure that must be rejected and condemned. We reiterate our solidarity with the Cuban people and their government, and we know that like Bay of Pigs, Donald Trump’s government and his mafia will fail.

The movement also condemns and rejects the decision of the United States to revive the imperialist doctrine Monroe raised by Bolton during a meeting with the Cuban mafia in Miami.

They will never destroy the Cuban revolution, nor the Cuban people, dignified successor of Fidel Castro. We reiterate the solidarity of the Mexican people with Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.


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