Mexico Ratifies Its Unchanging Position Regarding Venezuela

Mexico, Apr 14 (Prensa Latina) Mexico’s position on the situation in Venezuela remains unchanged, said Undersecretary of Finance Arturo Herrera in Washington, according to a report published on Sunday by La Jornada in its digital version.

In a report dated in Washington, the online version of La Jornada clarifies that Mexico participated as a ‘spectator’ in a meeting chaired this week by US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on a plan for Venezuela, and there he reiterated that Mexico’s ‘no intervention’ stance remains unchanged.

Mexico’s position is very clear and is a position of non-intervention (…) is a principle enshrined in the Constitution, not even subjected to interpretation, the official who participated in the meeting with several finance ministers on Saturday.

Herrera explained in a press conference that his country attends all meetings in which there is a ‘Latin American issue’ and that is why he was present at the meeting called by Mnuchin, but only as an observer.

He insisted that ‘the position of Mexico and Uruguay is very clear, it is a position in which we think that the solution must be negotiated,’ said Herrera, who pointed out that his country is not putting ‘proposals on the table.


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