Mexico and U.S. urge for principle of mutual respect

Washington, Nov 19 (Prensa Latina) US and Mexican Presidents, Joe Biden and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, respectively, agreed upon highlighting the mutual respect between the two countries and those in Latin America.

In their two-way meeting -a few minutes before the tripartite summit with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau- both leaders held a private meeting to express only their concordant criteria and leaving dissenting ones aside.

Joe Biden spoke about the good neighbor era with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and why there is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln inside the Oval Room and long 200-year Mexico-USA relationship.

López Obrador did it about Benito Juárez, the best Mexican President ever as he reiterated, who got on well with Lincoln especially because he never recognized Emperor Maximiliano, who was imposed through an invasion of Mexican territory.

But it is important, however, for Biden to repeat once again that his presidency will not be that of a good neighbor but the policy of equals, he stressed, because we no longer use expressions such as “our friends from the south “but” our peers “on an equal footing, that’s what I like.

Mexican president replied that what Biden said is easier because he wants a respectful and equal treatment. He told me that they weren’t going to see us (Mexico) as a backyard. We really appreciate it, because we don’t need in that way to be reaffirming our principles of independence and sovereignty.


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