Mexico Acknowledges Venezuelan Rescuers

Caracas, Sep 29 (Prensa Latina) The Government of Mexico has acknowledged the Venezuelan Humanitarian Task Force Simon Bolivar for its humanitarian aid in the Central American nation, after the September 19´s 7,1 earthquake.

In its Twitter account, Mexico’s Secretariat of Foreign Affairs expressed its gratitude to Venezuelan rescuers, according to the Venezuelan News Agency (AVN).

Mexico is handing over acknowledgments to Venezuelan rescuers who provided emergency aid. Thank you very much! #FuerzaMexico, tweeted SER.

The Humanitarian Task Force Simon Bolivar arrived in Mexico on September 24 on a plane carrying a 10.4-ton cargo of humanitarian aid for the victims.

The solidarity cargo included mattresses, food, power plants, blankets, chainsaws and tents, recalled AVN.

These products were destined for the families affected and the reconstruction work for destroyed buildings, the Venezuelan agency reported.

According to a preliminary assessment by the Mexican government, at least 345 people died and the huge damages totaled 38 billion MXN (about USD $2.1bn).

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