Mexico accuses Miami´s Cuban conservatives of goading on US blockade

Mexico City, Jan 9 (Prensa Latina) Miami´s Cuban conservative, just a few but with much political influence, are presently stirring up the U.S. blockade against Cuba instead of condemning it, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said on Monday.

During his morning briefing at the National Palace, the Mexican leader replied to a migration-economic integration question that he will discuss on Monday in a meeting with his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden.

López Obrador stated migration issue is all-important not only because over 40 million Mexicans are living in the United States, but also because of the huge migration flow caused by poverty and inequality south of the Rio Bravo, so it is not enough to develop and integrate the north whether the rest of the continent remains the same.

López Obrador gave as an example of profiting from the needs and pain of the people the case of a group of Cubans in Miami who, being a tiny minority, have great political influence and are the ones who whip up U.S. blockade and are against migrants from other nations as well, profiting and enriching themselves at their own people´s expense.

U.S. blockade against Cuba and Miami´s Cuban conservatives´ stances are a flagrant violation of human rights, as is Washington’s hostile policy towards Cuba, López Obrador said, while asking the United States what gave it permission for one country to blockade another if we are not in the Middle Ages, are we not free?

We have to continue working and not leave it aside, and let us defend our fellow Mexicans who live there, so that they do not feel alone even though they are many, when they are despised, and in the United States they do not remember that a large region of their country belonged to Mexico such as the state of Texas where so many Mexicans are presently living in.

Plus, López Obrador called on U.S. Congress to pass resources to crack down on migration through development plans, and praised Joe Biden for approving 30,000 monthly work visas for four nations which will help mitigate illegal migration flows and, therefore, dangers migrants are subjected to when trying to enter the United States through the Mexico border.

The Mexican president called for solving the needs of people who are forced to leave their countries and not building walls.


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