Mexican workers against US blockade of Cuba

Mexico, Aug 4 (Prensa Latina) The National Confederation of New Central Workers (NCT) of Mexico on Wednesday condemned the interventionist campaign promoted by the United States and the political right wing against Cuba and its revolution, and demanded the suspension of the blockade.

The NCT issued a communiqué in which it charged that since Sunday, July 11, when acts of vandalism were carried out in a coordinated manner in Cuba, media organizations such as BBC, CNN and El País have undertaken a smear campaign to promote a US military intervention in Cuba in order to overthrow the government.

In addition, it condemned the criminal economic blockade imposed by President Joe Biden’s government, which has intensified the unilateral coercive measures imposed by the Donald Trump administration, which remain in force and prevent the people from better facing the social, economic and health effects from the Covid 19 pandemic.

In response, countries such as Mexico, Russia, China, Venezuela and Nicaragua are sending humanitarian aid with medical supplies and food to support the fight against the pandemic.

Therefore, the NCT expressed its solidarity with the Cuban people and demanded the ratification of the international will to lift the US criminal economic blockade against Cuba.

It also calls for a halt to the intervention campaign being waged by the United States against the Cuban Revolution and that the health crisis currently being experienced by the Cuban people is not used for political purposes.

From Mexico, concludes the communiqué, the NCT calls on the international community, the peoples in resistance and the democratic social movements to repudiate the interventionist campaign by the international right wing and to embrace the Cuban people and their revolution with the broadest solidarity.


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