Mexican Journalist Notes Diplomat’s Denunciation of Helms-Burton Act

Mexico, Jun 20 (Prensa Latina) The journalist and writer Teodoro Renteria noted the denunciation of the Helms-Burton Act that the United States enforces against Cuba made by Mexican Ambassador in Havana Miguel Diaz.

Renteria pointed out that Mexican media have echoed the world denunciations of ‘the immorality of Tycoon President Donald Trump’, who decided to activate Title III of the criminal Helms-Burton Act against the Republic of Cuba in May, which none of his predecessors had enforced.

The economic embargo decreed in 1959, which has been disqualified year after year by the United Nations General Assembly, was not enough for the ‘owner’ of the White House, the journalist recalled in an article published in the newspaper La Jornada.

In his commentary, which has been reproduced by several newspapers, radio and TV stations, and websites, Renteria makes emphasis on the statements made by Ambassador Diaz, who is an expert in civil society organizations, to condemn that US extraterritorial law.

He pointed out that a while ago, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador appointed Diaz ambassador to Cuba, and in an interview by his colleague from La Jornada, Ana Langner, the diplomat stated that ‘Mexico and Cuba are united by the US threats’. Renteria, who is also an outstanding leader of national journalism and the secretary of the Latin America Federation of Journalists (FELAP), considered that, in fact, Trump’s government is strengthening that amalgam that, despite those denationalized, strengthens the friendship between Mexico and Cuba.

The US attacks and threats against the economies of Cuba and Mexico, unite us, make us brothers and open opportunities for business and collaboration for Mexican entrepreneurs interested in getting closer to Cuba, he said.

He explained that both the Helms-Burton Act, whose Title III was activated in May by US President Donald Trump, and ‘the threat the tycoon made against Mexico to impose tariffs, are directly aimed at our peoples.’ 

‘After the threat against Mexico to impose tariffs, we cannot be more linked to Cuba. It is a very special time that makes us brothers and further brings us together,’ Renteria wrote, quoting Ambassador Diaz.


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