Mexican intellectual denounces US soft coup attempt in Cuba

México, Cuba, solidaridad, Carlos Fazio

Mexico, Nov 15 (Prensa Latina) The US government is trying to bring about a soft coup in Cuba after the failed experiment in July, with the involvemnet of the intelligence and several agencies, prominent Uruguayan-Mexican intellectual Carlos Fazio denounced on Monday.

The analyst and university professor wrote in an article that this Monday was “like the new D Day to try to prompt a social outburst in Cuba that will lead to the overthrow of the constitutional and legitimate Diaz-Canel administration, the Cuban Socialist Revolution and the restoration of a neocolonial, mafia and neoliberal capitalism.”

The date chosen coincides with the resumption of the school year in Cuba after the control of the Covid-19 pandemic and the mass reopening of international flights that, through tourism, will make possible the reactivation of Cuban economy, he explained.

After a criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade of nearly 60 years and the implementation of the 243 new sanctions imposed by his predecessor, the Biden administration believes it is time for the policy of regime change in Cuba to come to fruition, an euphemism that conceals a direct intervention, Fazio denounced.

In this regard, the professor quoted Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, who, at the diplomatic corps, denounced the soft coup that intends to favor Washington’s domination and hegemonic goals to present Cuba as a failed State.

To achieve this, Fazio warned, it needs to create a climate of destabilization, chaos and violence before.

To this end, using internal agents, who have been recruited, trained, financed, organized, logistically supported and even transported in diplomatic vehicles of the US Embassy in Havana, it convened a “peaceful” demonstration following the script of the so-called soft coups or color revolutions.


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