Mexican daily reports on Cuban scientists’ response to Biden

Mexico, Aug 11 (Prensa Latina) La Jornada daily on Wednesday echoed the Cuban scientists’ condemnation of remarks made by US President Joe Biden, who tried to discredit their biotechnological competence. The newspaper noted that elite Cuban scientists promoted the signing of a letter to the president of the United States, who referred to Cuba as a failed state and discredited the capacity of the health and science system to face the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

La Jornada quoted Mayda Mauri Perez, vice-president of the state corporation BioCubafarma, who said that there is plenty of data to prove that what Biden said is totally absurd.

She added that last year, Cuba relatively controlled the health emergency for several months, and its health system, although lacking infrastructure and medicines, covers 100 percent of the population.

Mauri recalled that Cuba has produced 13 million vaccines against Covid-19 so far and, given that the immunization of children and pregnant women has already begun, the entire population is expected to be vaccinated by September. Cuba has 11 million inhabitants and after vaccinating all of them, the surplus will be sold.

She added that Cuba is the only Latin American nation that produces its own Covid-19 vaccines, Abdala and Soberana 02, of which it has administered 10 million doses to date. Some 2.6 million people have already received all three shoots under the vaccination scheme.

Cuba, according to the Mexican daily, is reporting the worst pandemic peak and its health system is in a critical situation, especially in the central provinces of Ciego de Avila and Cienfuegos, although it is improving in Matanzas. To date, Cuba has reported more than 475,000 cases and 3,600 deaths.

Biden’s statements were made in mid-July. According to him, Washington would consider helping with vaccines, but it would require a different circumstance or a guarantee that the government would not take advantage of it, with which he intended to disregard Cuba’s successful scientific progress, La Jornada noted.


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