Meteoro Exercises in the Prevention of Natural Disasters this coming Weekend

The Popular Exercise in case of Disaster Situations called “Meteoro 2017” will be held on Saturday and Sunday as the hurricane season approaches.

The Civil Defense (DC) announced on Monday in Havana that working commissions of the National Defense Council and its provincial, municipal and regional counterparts will participate in the weekend’s exercises.

Representatives of the State’s Central Administration, economic and social institutions, military units of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and Interior Ministry and political, social and grass roots organization and population in general will also participate in the preventive actions.

Division General Ramon Pardo Guerra said the participation of the population is very important thanks to their contribution in caring and preserving of their property and the country’s economy.

The actions are aimed in the reduction of possible catastrophes, vulnerabilities, actions to lessen any damages due to earthquake, tsunamis, strong hurricanes, intense drought and contagious diseases.

Leaders and specialists of the institutions added that the specialized forces will evaluate the time-line and the establishment of cooperation, in addition to training the population and workers in the presentation of first aid measures.

According to the Civil Defense, the population must consider the communications systems and the Emergency Network of the Radio aficionados Federation to advise and guide the people in the urban and rural areas and the activation of the offices of family contact in coordination with the Cuban Postal Service.

Other actions is the increase in promoting the conduct norms before potential danger above all family protection guidance before tropical storms, elaborated by the National Civil Defense, media outlets and others.

This is the main exercise that is carried out in the Cuban Civil Defense System in place since 1986 aimed at increasing the preparation of the institutional leaders and population before tropical storms and other dangers of disasters, natural origin, technological or health phenomena.

On day one, the leadership and command in all levels evaluate the results of the applied actions during the past year to reduce any vulnerabilities and minimize the risk in the territories, entities and economic institutions.

The vigilance systems are analyzed as well as the early warning systems and recovery actions in each region of the island.

Research is carried out on the probably impact of the main meteorological events, according to the results of the danger, vulnerability and risk studies with emphasis in the most complex scenario.

The island’s communication system for the warnings and orientation of the population is tested, especially against high intensity earthquakes, hurricanes or other extreme events.

The second day of the exercises will be dedicated to the execution of actions that will help reduce vulnerabilities in the community and economic and social entities.

The activities are aimed at preparing the residents of high risk communities on first aid and rescue measures as well as procedures and norms of conduct for their protection.  In addition, reduce vulnerabilities in the community, prioritizing hygiene, fight against midge and the elimination of possible hazardous obstacles like cutting of tree branches, cleanliness and making sure that the drainage system of the main streets and avenues are not clogged.

Lino Luben Perez/ACN,

May 16, 2017

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