Meeting of Women Economists in Havana

| | With the presence of the President of the National Association of Cuban Economists and Accountants, (ANEC) Oscar Luis Hung Penton, the participants received a master conference from Dr. Blanca Munster Infante on gender equality in the 2030 agenda.
Munster Infante explained that women’s salary in the world are up to 24 percent less than men and which is not the case in Cuba.

However, she pointed out that the private sector for women in the country is 29.7 percent and a reduced number of them are owners of their own business.

The event also included work in commissions on logistics, marketing, accounting, domestic control, costs and finances, management systems and human resources with a presentation of 70 works.

Yipsi Mendez Nunez, Vice President of scientific activities of the ANEC in Havana, told ACN that women represent 68 percent of the 18 thousand members
in the province.

Women are currently represented in all sectors of society, from the research centers to the business system and the new management models, she added.

The participants to the event recognized the work of Ioamnet Quintero Alvarez, world champion in high jump in 1993 and Olympic Bronze medalist in 1992; actress Tamara Castellanos and PhD in Economics Oneida Alvarez Figueroa.

ANEC is a nongovernmental organization founded on June 14th, 1979 in Havana, and membership is voluntary.  The entity is made up by economists, accountants, auditors, and industrial and computer engineers in addition to professionals with an active and direct participation in the economic activity.

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